our roots

Ricky Rothmann and Mariiah Zoll met in 2012 while working at a local coffee shop. After six months of dating and juicing for themselves at home, they started delivering juice to family, friends, coworkers and several gyms in town.

When they couldn’t keep up will all the orders, with lots of encouragement from their friends and family, they decided to join Redding’s local Farmers Market on the weekends. With help from Ricky’s childhood best friend, Blake Seabock, juice would be made at 3 o’ clock in the morning before the market to ensure the quality and served until 12pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“We couldn’t bring enough juice to the markets. It literally wouldn’t fit in the ice chests! We were so encouraged by all of our regular customers. They wanted more - not just on the weekends.” -Ricky

After six months of serving juice at the Farmers Market and constant encouragement form the juice community they had built, Ricky set out to find a more permanent location. After being turned away countless time, Ricky met Bob and Mandy, the owners of a small organic grocer in town called County Organics. They were in the process of expanding from the warehouse space they were currently in to a larger retails space on Bechelli Lane.

After a long dinner with Bob and Mandy and their eight kids, they decided to restructure their plans and sublease a portion of their new store to what we now know as Root’s Juice Bar. Since 2013 Roots has grown to two location in Redding, Ca.

“We love Redding and want to create an experience with every cup we serve. We are so thankful to have such amazing customers and support.” -Mariiah

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